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A Nonparticipant is someone that logs on to the system, belongs to one or more groups, but does not have a Christmas List for themself, nor are they a parent for a child. This is a nonparticipant with no children.

We'll call this user a NONPARTICIPANT user.

If this user has a NONPARTICIPATING CHILD or PARTICIPATING CHILD added to them, they will be converted to a NONPARTICIPATING PARENT user.

This user can leave comments and change the status on gifts in the groups they belong to.

If a NONPARTICIPANT is added as a GROUP PARTICIPANT in one group, they are converted to a PARTICIPANT.

What they can do

  • Cannot add suggestions
  • View gifts for users in their group(s)
  • Add comments to any gift they can see
  • Change the status on any gift they can see
  • Subscribe to a group they are a member of to receive email about new gifts added by someone in that group
  • Receive emails regarding any comment on others gifts that they have commented on