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What's New

What's new in 2020?

The 2020 version of YourXmasList contains more updates than any previous year! This year, the way children are handled has changed dramatically. You are also able to add someone to your group that does not want to participate in a gift exchange, but just wants gift ideas and have the ability to participate in the comments and gift status. These major upgrades are described below.

1. New way of handeling children

To help with our growing family, we had to come up with a way to deal with children on Secret Santa lists. This year, we have added 5 different types of users to go along with the user model we had in years past. The user types are:

  1. Participant - a regular user that logs on to the system and adds gifts to their list
  2. Nonparticipant - a user that can belong to a group, but doesn't have a list of their own.
  3. Participating Parent - A participant that also has one or more children.
  4. Nonparticipating Parent - A nonparticipant that also has one or more children.
  5. Participating Child - A child that has an email address that can log on to the system and add gifts to their list. Their gifts must be approved by the parent assigned to them.
  6. Nonparticipating Child - A child that does not log on to the system. Their parent must add gifts to their list.

Please see the document on users for further information about the roles of each different type of users.

2. More emailed information

Just like last year, when people in your group add new gifts to their lists, you will get a daily email to alert you.

If you are a parent of one or more children, you will receive email about their activity.

If your child is nonparticipating, you will receive all emails about comments and any POKEs they would normally receive.

If your child is participating, you will receive all emails that go to them as well.

3. Approval of childs gifts

The parent of a participating child have the responsibility to approve any gift the child adds to their list. Their gift will not appear on anyone else's screen until it is approved. This is to make sure the child is asking for appropriate gifts!